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These insurance plans pay the face value of the policy if the insured person lives to the end of the term of the policy. If the life insured dies within that period, the face value is payable to the beneficiary.
  • Guaranteed premiums
  • Guaranteed cash value paid at end of the endowment period
  • With profits plans entitle policy holders to a portion of the company's profits
  • Policy loan option after three years
  • Cash surrender option after three years
10, 15, or 20-Year Endowment
  • Choice of 10, 15, or 20-year protection periods
  • Flexible endowment plans
  • Guaranteed death benefit
  • Guaranteed cash value
  • Ideal for retirement planning
  • Flexible endowment plans are excellent for long term planning
Endowment to Age 60/63
  • Guaranteed death benefit up to age 60 for males and age 63 for females
  • Guaranteed cash value
  • Pays out at age 60 for males and age 63 for females
  • Ideal for retirement goals
10, 20, or 25-Year Endowment with Q-Bonus
  • Guaranteed death protection throughout endowment period
  • Guaranteed cash value
  • Faster cash value accumulation
  • Pays 25% of the sum assured every five years
  • Pays an endowment of the face amount at the end of the period

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