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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about NCI, or insurance in general, here is the place to begin. If you have a question, concern or comment that is not reflected here then kindly contact us and one of our friendly representatives will be eager to help.
Health Claims
What is the maximum number of days allowed to submit my completed form?
90 days.
What is the grace period of insurance payment before policy termination?
31 days without interest charge except for first premium payment.
Can I claim while overseas?
In ordinary circumstances, yes, however it is often best to consult with one of our claims representative.
Who can I call to own a policy?
You can call any of our agents and they will be delighted to assist you. Contact No: 1-869-465-2694 extns. 2221 — 2227/9.
Can I claim without a claim form?
A completed claim form should always be submitted.
Why are receipts necessary?
Yes, as it acts as a proof of payment.
When is it not necessary to submit receipts?
Only for Participating Hospital or Participating Physician. Usually in cases of surgery or confinement where the monies are to be paid to the institution.
How is it determined if my procedure can be performed locally or overseas?
A visit to our Chief Medical Officer will clarify this for you. Regular doctor fees will apply.
How are payments made or calculated for overseas major medical claims?
The insured should pay at least 20% of the maximum amount payable under the policy and as long as such evidence is supplied then the balance is paid by us.
What is major medical claims?
This covers most serious medical expenses up to a maximum limit and usually after a deductible, as defined by your policy.
What benefits are available to me?
This is specific to the policy that you have purchased. We offer the following:
· Hospital Confinement Benefits
· Hospital Out-Patient Benefits
· Surgery and Anaesthesia Benefits
· Maternity Benefits
· Medical Benefits
· Diagnostic X-Ray and Laboratory Benefits
· Well-Care Check-Up Benefits
· Prescribed Drugs and Medicine Benefits
· Psychiatric Benefit
· Travel Benefit
· Major Medical Insurance
· Air Ambulance Service
· Dental Care Benefits
· Vision Care Benefits

Can I claim for my pregnancy if I conceived prior to my policy effective date?
No, the inception would have to occur after the policy effective date.
What if I require abdominal cutting operation (e.g. caesarean section) during my child birth?
In such circumstances, the maximum amount payable under this clause will be increased to 150% of the maximum shown in the schedule of benefits for your policy.
Motor Claims
Is a Rental Car Needed?
This is only applicable to Third Party Damage Claims.
Should I admit fault?
What should I do if persons are injured?
If someone was hurt, please let your Claims Representative know immediately when reporting your accident.
What if someone else is responsible for my damages?
There are different options in a situation like this. This is dependent on the case at hand; you may need to claim under the other person’s insurance company (which is the preferred way) or it could be more feasible to make the claim under your policy. Remember to keep in mind the possibility of a deductible and this may have to be recovered from the other person’s insurance company including any other uninsured losses (e.g. rental etc). A Claims Representative would help to clear this entire situation.
What happens when my vehicle goes into the shop?
During the process of estimate to the repairs, NCI’s Claims Representative will be able to give you step by step insight on what is happening.
Can I determine who fixes my vehicle?
Yes, you have absolute control in this regard.
How to file a claim?
This can be performed over the phone, online or in person.
Should I let my insurance company know of any changes to my property?
Yes, you should so that we can update our information here at the office.
How will my claim history affect my insurance premium?
This is dependent on your history. A claims representative will be able to clear this up right away.
Life Insurance
What is Whole Life Insurance?
A policy which provides coverage for an individual’s whole life, rather than a specified term. It includes a savings component, called a cash value which builds over time.
What is Term Insurance?
A policy which pays the face value upon the holder’s death provided that the death occurs within a certain term. It does not include a cash value.
Can I convert a term life policy to a whole life policy?
Yes. The NCI Five-Year renewable and convertible term policy is convertible.
How can I purchase life insurance?
Come in to any Branch or contact one of the agents listed on our website.
Can I borrow from my policy?
Yes if your policy has a cash value. Whole life and endowment policies have a cash value after 3 years.
Could a minor be named a beneficiary of life insurance proceeds?
Yes. However, if a minor is named beneficiary, he an interest in the policy and this policy cannot be used as security.
What are the different options for paying premiums?
Bankers’ orders, salary deductions and payments at the company’s office are options for paying premiums.
How do I cancel my policy?
Send a written request or come in and fill policy cancellation form.
Do I need a lawyer to help me file a death claim?
No. Notify the company and you will be asked to present the policy, along with a doctor’s report, the birth and death certificate of the deceased. Other documents may be required.
Who is a beneficiary?
The party designated to receive life insurance or annuity proceeds upon the death of the insured. The beneficiary is named when a policy is taken out and can be changed at the request of the policy owner.
Will my premium rates change each year?
No. Premiums are guaranteed throughout the life of the policy.
How long does the application process take?
10 working days.

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